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Dark, cynical, surreal and sardonically funny, The Red Wing Chronicles is a unique hybrid of a book. Narrated from the point of view of a man sinking into the abyss as he reflects upon his traumatic life and a childhood of sickness and abuse, while haunted by the ghost of a sadistic father. Dark memories are unleashed, and questions and reflections abound regarding the fragile, illusory nature of memory, the tenuousness of sanity, the hypocrisy of authority and the subjectivity of morality. Part memoir, part philosophical rant in a stream of consciousness frenzy, this is the story of one man’s tightrope walk between madness and memory while wearing and being guided by the greatest pair of shoes ever cobbled.

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A young boy who discovers Night’s dark secret.

A Victorian photographer with post mortem clientele.
A unique tavern where all are welcome- including the dead.
A dreadlocked hitman with a taste for Art Deco who discovers he is not who he thinks he is.
A niece and nephew who inherit a strange riddle in a box from their mysterious uncle.
These and other fantastic tales are found within the covers of “October Twilight,” where October is a place and state of mind; where within the waning daylight anything you can imagine can happen.
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I, PolyphemusPolyphemus

Brutish with the soul of a poet; violent, but with the heart of a protective shepherd. This is not the one dimensional Polyphemus from the Odyssey, but a brilliant, mad, tragic and darkly humorous being who embodies the best and worst of men and monsters.

Enter the world of Polyphemus. The son of a god and nymph, despised and cast off by his parents, and feared by all others. Enter a world of magical realism, where dreams and reality merge, where destiny is bent by the fates and gods, and at the center of it all is the anti-hero for the ages — the cyclops, Polyphemus.

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October Light   51O6rjGvtSL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

A Short Story Collection

For as long as I can remember, I have perceived things as inherently duplicitous. I have a form of synesthesia- one of which manifestations for me is conceptualizing the months of the year not as intervals of time, but as separate places with their own color and landscape. This is the genesis of October Light, and this idea is voiced by the protagonist of the story bearing that title. The month of October is a place as well as a time-the most magical and mysterious of places. The stories in this collection reflect the genres I have been interested in and influenced by since I began writing: horror; noir; fantasy and the absurd. The influential writers are myriad: Poe; Chandler; Gorey; Camus; Kafka; Bloch and Kotzwinkle are a scratching of the surface. If these stories, in part, are dark and twisted, my own life has not always been a cheery one. I believe the absurd should not be denied, nor celebrated, but recognized- and without the dark, there could be no light.

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