As of today (yes, votes are still being counted) 98 women were elected to congress last Tuesday- the vast majority of the non-incumbents progressive Democrats. But for me, far more remarkable – and positive- is their stunning diversity. The majority of the House is now Democratic, and many of the victorious progressive women are newcomers to politics. And the diverse swath is stunning. There are now Muslim women serving alongside members of the LBGTQ community; there are women who are veterans; military pilots; teachers; nurses; attorneys; entrepreneurs and moms- as well as one who is a beacon of diversity (Sharice Davids) who is a young Native American, Gay, mixed martial arts competitor and an attorney to boot. I salute them all. What an incredible mix of experience to add to the gumbo of politics.

But with power comes responsibility. Just a brief peek at history reveals the corrosive and corrupting nature of power. Now the new arrivals will soon have to deal with the odious process of deal making and negotiation. They will partake out of necessity the making of the sausage, and the best of them will learn that attaining part of a goal through compromise is better than coming away empty handed.  They will face adversaries who are unencumbered by principle and gifted in the art of treachery. And the best of them will never betray the ideals, strength and temerity required of mothers, pilots, nurses, warriors and teachers.

They will persevere- and for the survival of us all, they must prevail.








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