It’s amazing the things that are dredged up from the dark chambers of the human psyche repressed memories dormant but forever vigilant lying in wait for that particular trigger allowing them to rear their ugly heads like periscopes rising from the sewer.

Perhaps repression is not necessarily a bad thing but a safety mechanism allowing us to maintain albeit tenuously our feeble grip on sanity. Sanity. How can any of us be truly sane? The horrors of life are omnipresent ubiquitous surrounding us all without respite without succor relentlessly absurd indefatigably barbaric the natural organic horrors the plagues earthquakes floods famines pestilences fires hurricanes tempests tornadoes simply aren’t sufficient no indeed we inflict upon ourselves far worse with wars pogroms holocausts purges genocides rape murder mayhem to say nothing of the vicious bastards who step on our feet as they cut in front of us in line. All of which pales when compared to what we do to the entire Earth.

Oh how it saddens me to state the obvious but the world would be a far better place without us the air and the water would be cleaner an endless variety of species no longer endangered the soil no longer putrid from pollutants the ozone layer no longer thinned and punctured the temperature no longer melting glaciers raising water levels causing endless drought eternal forest fires and yes my fellow bipeds hear my Clarion call think of the whales washing ashore choking on plastics the carnage the disgusting road kill the stomach turning wet markets dog carcasses hanging on hooks pangolins slaughtered for their meat that alone could be a persuasive argument for our annihilation what vile psychopaths would want to eat a pangolin probably the same ones who burn millions of acres of rain forests to clear the land for condominiums the adorable little koala bears falling off flaming trees fleeing for their lives alas the flames are too quick and engulf the hapless little teddy bears of the majestic rain forests oh shame shame on us all quick press the button on the doomsday machine we’ve clearly worn out our welcome let us depart in one fell poof can you imagine the jubilation of the surviving flora and fauna oh poor tuckered out Mother Earth picture if you can a global block party thrown by the mice and the lizards the fish and the flies the elephants and the armadillos the entire panoply of genus phylum and specie the entire realm of the organic yes they wail in bliss roar with ecstasy bark with euphoria hyenas laughing themselves senseless the lions dancing with the gazelles the rollicking rhinos the rabbits in rapture yes yes good riddance they bellow –


4 thoughts on “On The Virtue Of Vanishing (A Stream Of Consciousness Lament)

  1. Ron,
    this one’s a true gem in too many ways. But just now, I’ll point to a couple of your purely entertaining well crafted lines: “…in one fell poof…”, and “…rollicking rhinos the rabbits in rapture…”
    Keep the stream flowing, please.


  2. Your commentary in this piece is refreshing Ron! These days people just pick a side and blame the other. But your observations R astute.We all suck and poison the planet daily. And U point out we burn habitat and eat all the animals. It’s true! Your prophecies are modern day reality. Earth is better off without humans 👽


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