I would like to thank Carol Roth, op ed writer for Fox news, for reminding me that no matter how much I despise Fox, it’s never enough.

Ms. Roth’s latest foray into jaundiced journalism deals with Barack and Michelle Obama’s bid on a 15 million dollar beach front property on Martha’s Vineyard. Ms. Roth believes this is paradigmatic of Progressives’ hypocrisy in not practicing what they preach regarding wealth and conspicuous consumption.

Imagine, if you will, a parallel universe in which everything is the same, except Barack and Michelle Obama were white Republicans. Be honest- do you really think they would be lambasted by Fox for buying a 15 million dollar property? Roth’s scree stated that Obama and liberals are always criticizing the wealthy. I’ve never heard that. The criticism is that the upper 2% don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Soros, Gates, Bloomberg etc. are billionaires and are all Progressives. More power to them. They should just pay more income tax, just as their Conservative counter-parts should. You say Liberals demonize lavish spending, Ms Roth? The record deficit the Republicans have amassed is, of course, a wholesome, pure, Mom and apple pie deficit- not like the depraved and degenerate deficits Democrats create.

We may be experiencing a Rashomon Effect (two or more people witnessing the same phenomena but seeing different things because of different emotional baggage). Or we may be observing the same, insidious, barely sugar coated racism Fox has been promoting for years, starting with the “Birther Movement”. All this is is Fox dog whistling that the Obamas are Uppity Negroes who should know their place. A 15 million dollar beachfront property indeed! If they had any decency, they would make an example of themselves and move into a shanty. An oath of poverty- why, it’s not as if they were the same as their predecessors who were, er, well… White. I think if the Obamas had made a single ill gotten penny Fox would be all over it with distortions and exaggerations. They’ve worked hard; they are smart and they’ve been out of government for three years. Why wouldn’t there be lucrative deals with Netflix and major publishers? If they are making money through book deals and lectures like all the other former first couples more power to them. And remember- unlike Trump and Hillary, whose best sellers were ghost written, they do their own writing. Roth had the laughable audacity to state that Trump earned his fortune before taking office, therefore, he is somehow more pure and pristine than the Obamas. Ha! His daddy gave him 400 million, which in due course he parlayed into multiple bankruptcies and failed casinos (how could anyone fail in the casino business? It’s the only enterprise where people come in droves and give you money for nothing!) And lest I forget- did Reagan and the Bushes check into Motel 6 after leaving office?

If a Fox reporter spots the Obamas in a 5 star restaurant enjoying lobster thermidor and caviar instead of chitlins and grits- watch out! Here comes chapter two in the Obama scandal saga. These damn people just don’t know their place!

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