Well, it looks like the light at the end of the tunnel has gone dark. Perhaps it was illusory, a mirage of hope all along. California has seen the enemy’s resurgence and has declared a strategic retreat. It’s March again! My least favorite month under the best of circumstances- March, that blanched, almost grey, no longer Winter but not quite Spring climatic No Man’s Land. Regression. None of us should be surprised, as there was nothing in the Covid-19 stats to warrant the stampede back to the good old days, and the contempt for masks and distancing was a temptation the Fates could hardly refuse. Darwin didn’t know the half of it.

But it’s not all bad. That imposter- that purveyor of fake science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is finally being outed as the Deep State shill that he is and the president is now getting legitimate information regarding all things Covid by the Nobel Laureate Chuck Woolery, who honed his analytical skills on infectious diseases when he hosted “Love Connection,”and then matriculated to the University Of Blue -Emu Pain Relieving Cream, where he remains as a Pitchman Emeritus. Woolery contends that the CDC and the Democrats are lying about the severity of the pandemic in order to destroy the economy and defeat Trump in November. His source? The same source that all great men of science rely on- a little bird tweeting in his ear. And Peter Navarro, Trump’s trade advisor and another pillar of science and reason, is adamant that Beijing is responsible for the pandemic. They have always been out to get us. Dr. Navarro is convinced that Chinese Communists deliberately sent hundreds of thousands of infected Chinese Nationals to our shores to spread the deadly virus, like we once upon a time deliberately gave smallpox infested blankets to the Native Americans, and, dog gone it, the president seems to take him seriously.

In a recent interview Trump had declared that 99% of Covid-19 cases are harmless. He has also inferred, or so it seems, we are experiencing an explosion of new cases each day (over 60,000) because we are testing too much. Does that mean that if we stopped testing there would be no more virus? There is a certain classic philosophical ring to that, like the old chestnut, “If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it, did it make a sound?” It’s reassuring that we have a Philosopher Prince at the helm, a Plato of Plutocrats. Or perhaps, more appropriately, a fantasist. The virus will one day go away, like magic. It will burn off in the Summer.

Or, a miracle cure may be just around the corner. We never really gave Lysol a fair chance. Or perhaps Lysol, a great big chug of it, with a Blue-Emu Pain relieving Cream chaser.

4 thoughts on “Relief Is Just Around The Corner!

  1. Ron, you are blessed with an ironic wit.
    I have come to believe 2020 is testing us all in every conceivable way possible.
    The only good news I see is the loss of that neon orange glow staining the walls of our White House. November can not come soon enough.
    Maybe then, with the magic of science, and the illusion of facts will we get a handle on the virus. I, personally, have not been able to find any Lysol on the shelves. So, I’m sunk until we find an alternative reality. ❤


  2. Thank you again, Noreen, for your generous praise. I hope in my deepest heart that no matter how deep down and dirty the opposition gets in the months to come, and they are unencumbered by guilt or remorse, that we of good will and conscience can set aside our differences and coalesce in such great numbers that their voter suppression and rigging will be no match for the Peoples’ righteous will.

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  3. As usual, a fun and witty article, Ron. Blue Emu Cream is now available in a spray bottle, and White House rumors are that it is an effective remedy for all viruses, large and small, when taken internally. Waiting for the tweet.

    I join you in the hope that voter turn out will be large enough to compensate for the unscrupulous tactics of the opposition.


  4. Thank you Larry. I hope the DNC devotes substantial assets on policing voter suppression in all of its forms. And I hope the DNC also takes off the kid gloves and hits back low and hard. The negative ads the opposition are running are insideous.


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