Superstition. After all this time all the progress at least in science and technology we have made during the last several millennia superstition and its cousins the supernatural and conspiracy theories etc. etc. persist and seem to be gaining steam.

Just look at the flat earth believers once a derided amusing fringe group have grown in numbers and influence despite overwhelming evidence the earth is round as in sphere look at the photographic evidence amassed from space by the astronauts but hold on there they say it’s fake the astronauts were actors the moon landing never occurred if it had why didn’t the astronauts prove it by bringing back some green cheese everyone knows the moon is made of the stuff or at least some kind of cheese coverup! Armstrong’s actual first words on the lunar surface were “That’s one small slice of cheddar for man, one giant block of brie for mankind” and not only that when they planted the American flag Old Glory on a stick why were the stars and stripes fluttering proudly in the breeze there is no breeze on the moon it has no atmosphere although it is rich in ambience and is still embraced by romantics and werewolves alike.

The earth is flat? Then why don’t all of you flat earth true believers form a caravan of SUV’S and drive in one straight direction and fall off the edge thus proving your theory and relieving those of us who are rational from having to endure you.

How distressing depressing and boringly ironic that history really does seem to repeat itself the arrogance of ignorance rears its odious head time after time thinking it is competitive with or more probably superior to facts and science. Reliable sources tell me that there are people more than you might think who believe there is a conspiracy of powerful people politicians moguls actors media elites who comprise a cabal of Satan worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles operating out of pizzerias how can this be well into the 21st century a conspiracy theory of such flamboyant stupidity? They’ve got to be putting us on but nay they are deadly serious and I mean deadly. They believe the cabal must be exposed and executed who needs evidence facts proof that’s for those hoity toity high falutin’ scientific types no the truth is not under the microscope or observed through a telescope it’s not in the lab or the test tube look elsewhere for the truth it’s in the tea leaves the chicken entrails the crystal ball rumor has it read it in a tabloid go to the internet ah for the good ole’ days the witch burning days the Inquisition days ah yes those inquisitors would know how to handle Satan worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles put them on the rack tighten the thumb screws hoist them to the ceiling by their arms tied behind their backs oh those Medieval monks were such a playful bunch giggling as they plied their craft Science is the true Devil’s handiwork throw Galileo in the dungeon make him recant the heresy such heresy the earth and the other planets revolve around the sun- Blasphemy! The earth is the center of the universe the sun and the planets revolve around the earth how do we know tell us you inquisitors inquisitive minds want to know reason is a dangerous thing the earth is stationary solid in the center of the universe and oh by the way it’s as flat as a pancake.

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