Maybe I need a pet. It might be problematic as pets need to be cared for, and I it would seem am eternally on the couch staring at my Red Wings and even if I could get up judging by the scuffs on my revered and wondrous shoes I probably wouldn’t be any more conscientious about tending to a pet than I am to my Red Wings.

Dogs. Dogs make wonderful pets. They are unconditionally loyal absolutely loving categorically devoted to us most of whom are egregiously undeserving of their love and adoration. Most dogs are better people than most people so said the wise man look at us with our wars purges holocausts pogroms persecutions prejudices inquisitions rapes murders and lest we forget our abysmal manners and lack of etiquette using the wrong fork to eat our salad ordering the wrong wine with our entre forgetting to curtsy refusing to bow stepping on feet speaking in tongues telling untruths screaming great lies bursting with pride and behaving like boors.

None of the above would ever be associated with dogs. They love us so dearly slathering us with love pure love sloppy drippy love hysterical with joy at the very sight of us smelling us with voraciousness lapping and licking us with slavish adoration yes I know you naysayers they do sometimes bite and bark the bark always bigger than the bite small imperfections flaws that only make them more endearing. Yes, there is nothing like a dog.

But cats on the other hand. Those hissing treacherous creatures blase’ when we arrive home unappreciative when we feed and pet them as if it’s their imperious due snapping at us scratching us surely they are pretenders vile venomous vipers masquerading as mammals what is their allure why do we put up with them what purpose do they serve other than meowing and making blood curdling screeching sounds dogs despise them what better recommendation to follow suit and I can attest to this: women who love dogs are more tolerant of men than women who love cats so next time the coyotes roam leave the door open.

7 thoughts on “Of Dogs And Cats (A Stream Of Consciousness Observation From The Red Wing Chronicles)

  1. The New Yorker would be a good place for this pet opinion piece, were they not mindful of the cat lovers in their readership. Regardless of the relative merits of the dog/cat question, you have accurately nailed many of the sorry traits of humankind. What a bunch!

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      1. Yes,I love cats 2! They R my spirit animal 🐯 We both walk a path guided by light and darkness 🌗🦇


  2. Humans have become the mouth breathing,pitchfork waving,Frankenstein hunters Of 2020 🔥 🧟
    Your piece illustrates that well,how far we have fallen into a lower order..Perhaps“Planet of the dogs” would B a upgrade 🤔 🐶 👑
    I like Cats 2! They R a portal 2 the Underworld 🐯🦇


  3. The poor cat. Cat’s are actually pretty smart creatures. Unlike a dog that will mindlessly run after a tossed ball a cat will will simply think, “You tossed it so get it yourself “. 🤣

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  4. If you’re ever stranded in a blizzard in the most remote area of the Yukon, don’t wait for a cat with a cask of brandy around his neck to save you. Believe, he wouldn’t even if he could.

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