Look at them. All this fuss.

This is nothing new. My first was as a rookie. Got checked superior for adaptability on my evaluation. The same for attitude.

Young Black bitch with her video. Go ahead. I’d smile if I knew how. I didn’t think they were smart enough for smart phones.

“If he wasn’t trying to kill him, then what was he trying to do?” some of them asked. Are they serious? Did they really look at my face? My body language? Did they wonder why my hand was in my pocket the whole time?

I am a White cop and deserve my due!

I once stuck my baton six inches into an uppity Black bitch. Why not? Who’s to stop me? Back in the day.

But that’s not where the true bliss is. Let me tell you about bliss. About power. The hot rush below the belt.

Did you see the size of that motherfucker?!

Subjugating a Big Black Buck. I’m not the first. As old as the auction block- the whipping post. That’s power. That’s bliss.

That’s right. Hollar for your momma. Let’s do this nice and slow. Savor every second. Do you know how good I am at this? I could come in my pants and and none of you would know it.

Now my hands are cuffed as they take me away. Fuck every god damn one of you.

There is no justice in this new chicken shit world.

5 thoughts on “The Secret Thoughts Of Derek Chauvin (A Prose Poem From The Abyss)

  1. Wow.. strong piece. I understand this is from the point of view of the officer. It makes me so sad that people say and think these things. I know you do not!


  2. From the look on his face, as he snuffed the light out on George Floyd’s life, that was probably exactly what was going through that xenophobic peanut sized brain of his.


  3. Your poem fills the reader’s spirit with toxic aggression and thoughts of suicide 🔪 The dire,Dystopian world U envision is one where the living envy the dead 🤔


  4. This was one where I struggled a great deal whether to post it. I pitched it to a couple of poetry journals, with no response. I watched the hearings, and the more I watched the horrific video, the more I became convinced that the murder had a powerful sadistic, psycho-sexual component. I was trying to get inside the head of a monster without sounding like a monster myself. I can easily see how some people might be repulsed by my verbiage.


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